Security for sliding

New product missing from the market. It consists of two reinforced Aluminum profiles that are fitted with five screws each, one on each side that we want to snap. (eg case - leaf).
When securing it, it locks with two pins one above and one below, so that the screw resistance is shared at all. Thus, we achieve the maximum anti-burglary protection for every type of OPENING DOOR: single, double, aluminum, iron, wood or PVC.
We also use it for mezzanines because, according to the current conditions, SECURITY is the most important thing when we are in the house.

Available in colors:
White, Black, Brown, Silver

Here are photos of a two-sided balcony door from a burglary attempt
1. Two-sided Aluminum balcony door with two "Doublex-S" locks after a three-hour burglary attempt
2. First they make a small hole breaking the glass and pass an iron hook to turn the handle (usual tactic)
3. If the door does not open it uses a crowbar at all points that find resistance..
4.5.6. Neighbors heard noise for about 3 hours but the "Doublex-S" fuses were not violated. That's why serious INSURANCE companies recommend their clients to use CAL products when they make theft insurance!