Since 2006, we have the new revolutionary CAL connection corner, with ever-growing sales to existing and newly-created profiles. The cal corner does not need holes in the profiles to work. With a small notch at the end of each attached profile (only to fit Allen to snap it), it hooks and tightens the two profiles loudly and at the same time automatically aligns them. The measurements made by the internationally-acclaimed German ROSENHEIM rating agency have shown that an average-sized CAL angle can withstand pulling around 400kg.


  • Better appearance of linked profiles because we avoid holes.
  • Also, in the event of an error, we can reduce a few millimeters of profiles because they do not have the holes needed in the other corners.
  • They are easier and quicker to install without requiring a precision press for holes.
  • Because the corner is not divisible but one-piece, we can position it by putting a collar and in many cases replacing the corner.